How To Store Your Bike In Your Apartment?

Having a bike is totally fun… until you have to think of where you are going to store said bike. 

You could always hook it up outside your house, but how lucky are you feeling? Storing your bike inside the apartment is something of a creative endeavor. You have limited space with different layouts; the type of bike is different also consider the dirt, and an oily chain can make a mess of your apartment. We got a few solutions for you!

In this guide, we get into the topic of storing your bike in your apartment, covering everything practical that you need to know. Do yourself a favor and follow through!

Things to consider when storing a bike in an apartment

Having little room at home can be a headache, especially if you own a few bikes. Creating the ideal space and arrangement for the gear would be quite difficult. So, when looking for a location to store your bike, take into account the following:

Bike weight

While storing a bike in an apartment, the bike’s weight is a significant consideration. There are disadvantages to dangling your bike from the wall or ceiling. A typical bike can weigh between 25-40 lbs.

Use the proper racks and hooks that can hold the bike and move it. You need to keep the hooks secured to the wall or ceiling to avoid damage and its incapacity to grip the bike tightly.

Apartment space

If you intend to keep your bike inside, you need to consider the apartment space to ensure it has the highest level of protection. Having little room might pose a risk to your bike since someone can occasionally run into it. It is crucial that there is adequate room to fit the bike comfortably and that it stays out of everyone’s way.

Even inside a small apartment, there are obvious ways but also some very creative means of making the most out of your circumstances. It all depends on how you see things!

Where to keep your bike when you live in an apartment:

Hang it on the wall

This is probably the most typical thing riders do to store their bikes in their apartments. It is practical and won’t take up a lot of room. In an apartment, hanging your bike on the wall allows you to keep it safe and secure without occupying any floor or storage space.

It is also a good option when considering inexpensive ways to keep bikes in an apartment. As it simply takes basic tools, this solution will save you time. Simply install strong hooks on the wall, although you have to ensure they can support your bike’s weight.

Hang it at the back of the door

You might also think about hanging the bike behind a door. It is compact and won’t take up any room in your home. It’s also a great choice if your home has a big, sturdy door that can fit a bike.

You can drill holes in the door and add metal hooks. Then, it is prepared to serve as a special location for storing your bike.

Use a bike dock

If there is any largely unused area under the stairs, it may be the ideal location for a bike dock. Bike docks are simple to construct and may provide you with a unique space that suits your bike well.

It’s a special tool that you could use to hang your bike on a wall. Your bike is displayed in hanging storage when a bike dock opens.

It has a simple appearance and, like shelves, won’t take up a lot of room in your flat. The mounting system for bikes on bike docks is stronger and can support even heavy mountain bikes. Bike docks are also elegant and simple to install in your home, which is more than adequate. To give you a visual idea, check out this video:

Use a bike rack

If, however, you rent a place and your landlord discovers that you have begun poking holes in the wall to put a bike rack, they might not be very thrilled to put it up nicely. Therefore, a floor stand rack can be advantageous for you.

You may store your bike upright in a corner when using a floor stand bike rack. This ought to provide effects comparable to those of a wall mount.

Hide it under the stairs

If there is any unutilized area under the stairs, it might be the ideal spot for a bike dock. Bike docks are simple to construct and may provide you with a unique space that accommodates your bike and accessories well.

Hook your bike from the ceiling

A ceiling-mounted bike rack may work. Installing and using a straightforward hook or pulley system to make your bike conveniently accessible is simpler than you would imagine. 

If required, you may even suspend your bike by its wheel. The bike mount may easily be lowered and brought within reach using a pulley as needed. Unused space close to your ceiling has a lot of promise, even if you’re only keeping your bike frame or an extra wheel.

Use your balcony or porch

You’re in business if your condo has a balcony or patio since it is the ideal spot to store your bike. There is adequate room on a typical balcony for bicycles. To ensure that you lock your bike and have an alarm system. There are all kinds of stories of people stealing bikes from low-hanging balconies.

Slide it behind the furniture

You may use large furniture from your home to store a bike in an apartment if you have any. You can put your bike behind a lengthy couch. When not in use, you may store the bike by tucking it under this piece of furniture.

When you sometimes use your bike, hiding it behind furniture is excellent. You can easily take it out from beneath the couch and store it when not in use.

This approach is practical for those who ride bikes daily. Because of the comfort and stability it provides, it is a tried-and-true technique. It is effortless, and putting it into action doesn’t require much finesse.

Under the bed

If you have a tiny apartment, you might as well hide your bike behind some furniture or under your bed. Your bed might not fit some bikes, but it should at the very least have room for components and equipment.

The Finish Line

We have included 9 ways that you can store your bike, from the most convenient to the ones that require a bit of preparation and tool use. 

While everyone may have different circumstances that make one more storing option more viable than the other, you need to understand that it isn’t set in stone. Make it fun, think outside the box, and come up with a clever way to store your bike, something that would make MacGyver proud!

Do be part of the pack and check out some more articles if you liked this one and found it helpful!

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