28 inch Bike for what size person

A 28-inch bike has a sizable diameter, so you may guess that it will match taller riders. For riders who are between 6 ft and 6 ft 3 in height and have a leg length or inseam of 28 to 33 inches, a 28-inch bike is ideal. These bikes often have frames that measure between 18 and 19 inches.

If you’re considering spending money on a 28-inch bike, we’ve got answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What does it mean when a bike is a 28-inch one?

On a bike, the word “28 inches” refers to the size of the wheels.

An infographic explaining how to measure a 28 inch bike

The 28-inch diameter 1-1/2-inch wheels, also known as the F10, F25, or 700B, are used in a few countries such as the capital of bikes the Netherlands, China, and India. The 700C tire serves as the inspiration for the 28 x 15/8 x 11/4 inch tires. The 700C tire is referred to as a 28-inch tire with decimal width by some European manufacturers.

Are 28-inch wheels and 700c wheels the same?

Although the 28-inch, 700C, and 29er all have the same rim diameter, the tires hold all the difference. The width means if the tires can be placed in the 28 or 29 lines if it’s in inches and the 700 lines if it’s in millimeters.

There are several distinct ISO Standard rim diameters that are 700c. But consider that, on the interior, each one measures 24.5 inches or 622 mm. The outer diameter, including the tire, varies depending on the rim style and tire size. It’s either 28 inches for road bikes or 29 inches for mountain bikes. Because of this, 700c wheels come in either 28 or 29-inch sizes.

What is the ideal height for a 28-inch bike?

We have included a chart so you can take your measurements and see what corresponds. These are a great point of reference if you are getting a bike online.

Height Inseam LengthFrame SizeWheel Size
4 ft 10 in – 5 ft 3 in25 – 28 in13 – 14 in  26 in
5 ft4 in – 5 ft 7 in25 – 30 in15 – 16 in26 in
5 ft 5 in – 5 ft 9 in26 – 31 in16 – 17 in27.5 in
5 ft 9 in – 6 ft27 – 32 in17 – 18 in  27.5 in
6 ft 0 in – 6 ft 3 in28 – 33 in18 – 19 in  28 in
6 ft 1 in – 6 ft 6 in29 – 34 in19 in >29 in

What age is a 28 Inch Bike For?

The 28-inch bike is often used starting at age 15 or older, and in order to use it correctly, the rider must normally be at least 5’5″ tall, becoming more appropriate for tall individuals. When choosing a 28-inch bike, it is best to consider your height and inseam rather than age alone.

28-Inch Bike Types

When it comes to 28-inch wheel bikes, 3 major types support such wheel dimensions, those are: 

  • Mountain Bike
  • Hybrid Bike
  • Road Bike

28-Inch Mountain Bikes 

Mountain bikes are the prime candidate for big wheels. Granted most of them start off with 26-inch wheels, and over 2 inches in thickness, a larger diameter, in this case, 28 inches just makes everything better. Considering the fact that mountain bikes are meant to tackle difficult environments, with bumpy paths, steep inclines, and drops, the type of wheel makes all the difference. 

A larger wheel such as 28 inches with a 2 inch in thickness just adds more cushion effect, provides better contact with the ground, and has more knobby groves to handle the elements. We would recommend the Schwinn High Timber MTB, as it can accommodate all individuals between 5’5” and 6’1”, regardless of age.

28-Inch Hybrid & City Bikes 

Hybrid bikes are what you get when you combine mountain bikes and road bikes. They have the best elements of both worlds. On one hand, you have the suspension system of a mountain bike that makes it ride smoothly over rough terrain, relaxed ergonomics, but have the speed of a road bike while going over a flat road. 

Hybrid bikes are great because they come with racks, baskets add ons which are quite helpful for day-to-day commuting. We would recommend the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike, as it can accommodate individuals between 5’5” and 5’11”, even with a 30 inch inseam you can ride comfortably with it

28-Inch Road Bikes

Road bikes are your best bet if you want maximum speed and quick acceleration. Granted, this is only doable on flat, smooth roads, preferably in dry conditions. Road bikes are essentially the bikes you see when racing packs are on the highway. Their dropped handles and crouched positioning are meant to improve aerodynamics. In this case, a narrow 28 or 29-inch wheel is required, since you encounter less rolling resistance and go faster.

We would recommend the Schwinn Fastback Road Bike, and this bike can accommodate individuals between 5’4″ and all the way to 6’2″. Pretty much anyone gets to ride this bike comfortably.

28 Inch Vs. 26 Inch bike

When comparing the two, there are several aspects to consider, including speed, handling, weight, and comfort.

  • Speed & Handling

A 26-inch bike accelerates faster and is easier to maneuver.
With a smaller diameter, a 26-inch wheel accelerates more quickly because there is less space between the wheel’s center and the point at which it touches the ground.

  • Weight

26-inch bikes are also l generally lightweight, which makes them more maneuverable than the 28 inches ones. Considering these facts, 26-inch bikes are better suited for mountain biking or off-road terrains.

  • Comfort

A 28-inch bike is more stable and comfortable to ride on.
A 28-inch wheel has more rubber in contact with the road, which improves shock absorption, making it steadier and smoother to ride on.

Given that they are more durable and offer greater stability on paved surfaces, 28-inch wheels are better equipped for commuting or long-distance riding.

Taller individuals benefit from it as well because it increases their reach while pedaling.

Is a 28 Inch Bike too Big?

Compared to a 24-inch and a 26-inch bike, a 28-inch bike is larger. A 29-inch bike is smaller. So it will all depend on what bike you are comparing it to.

Is a 28 Inch Bike suitable for Adults?

Adults who are 6 ft tall or taller should be able to ride this bicycle, as age is not a major determiner if you can or can’t ride 28-inch bikes. Your height and most importantly your inseam is what really counts.


When you hear a 28-inch bike, it’s a reference to the wheel size, always remember that. 28-inch bikes are known by many names, 700C, 29er, etc.

 Keep in mind that if you are looking at a mountain bike and it says 700C wheels then it means that the wheels are 29 inches in diameter, while in road and hybrid bikes it means 28 inches. 

28-inch bikes are the ideal choice for particularly tall individuals like 6 ft, and up but consider that a longer inseam means that someone that’s 5 ft 7 can easily ride these bike types.