24 inch Bike for what size person

Bikes come in many different varieties, intended for particular individuals, depending on age, stature, and activity. A bike with 24-inch wheels is the generally agreed border that distinguishes kids’ bikes from adult bikes. 

While many will dub, that the wheel size is the sole factor, we would argue that accounting for things such as seat height, top tube length, and frame placement are the most practical for determining if you can ride a bike with 24-inch wheels comfortably. The good news is that it’s not so cut, and dry but you will have wiggle room (pun intended) to enjoy almost any bike.

3 Best 24-inch Bikes for Kids and Adults 

  • 24-inch Bikes for Kids
  1. Electra Cruiser Bike 1
  2. Cannondale Cujo 24 Bike
  3. Cannondale Trail 24 Bike
  • 24-inch Bikes for Adults
  1. Dynacraft Tony Hawk BMX Bike
  2. Schwinn Predator Team BMX Bike
  3. Mongoose Argus ST 

24-Inch Wheel Bike For What Size, Person & Height?

Pro Tip:
The wheel’s mention indicates that this is often for children rather than adults. While adult bikes are sized according to the frame, children’s bikes are categorized according to the size of the wheels.

A 24-inch wheel bike is ideal for kids that are around 4’2 and 5 ft, this is the corresponding average with kids aged up to 10 years old.

The best course of action when determining the child’s inseam height is to compare it to the bike’s standover height. The bike’s standover height is measured from the ground to the top tube position. To be clear, the tube connects the steering fork to the seat post.

Generally, a 24-inch bike has a standover height of between 22 – 26 inches. What you do is that you add a few inches to the inseam height in comparison to the standover height, for maximum comfort.

24 Inch Frame Bike Height?

Pro Tip:
The frame defines the bike as an adult model. This is so because adult bikes are proportioned according to frame sizes, as wheel size can be naturally limiting. 

Adult bike frames typically range between 13 -14 inches on a smaller scale and between 23 – 24 inches on a larger scale. You can refer to the chart for rapid comparison.

Adult HeightFrame Size Manufacturer Designation
4’10” – 5’2″ ft13 – 14 inX-Small (XS)
5’2″ – 5’6″ ft15 – 16 inSmall (S)
5’6″ – 5′ 10″ ft17 – 18 inMedium (M)
5’10” – 6’1″ ft19 – 20 inLarge (L)
6’1″ – 6’4″ ft21 – 22 inX-Large (XL)
6’4″ – 6’6″ ft23 – 24 inXX-Large (XXL)

24 Inch Mountain Bike height (who is it for)?

Kids between the heights of 4.2 – 4.9 ft can ride a mountain bike with 24-inch wheels. If your child is taller than 5 ft and weighs over 200 lbs, then a mountain bike with 26-inch wheels might be the best choice. 

To balance the height requirement with the weight of the bike, you must keep in mind that mountain bikes are often heavier than other types of bikes. This would make the child’s bike experience more joyful, one that they would love and continue to enjoy.

24-Inch BMX Bike For What Height?

The biggest size of BMX bike that you would likely be able to find has wheels that are 24 inches in diameter. When thinking about buying a BMX bike, it’s important to consider both the wheel and frame sizes because different BMX bikes have varying frame sizes for the same wheel size.

The largest wheel category in BMX is 24 inches, so unlike other smaller wheel categories, you probably won’t find many alternative frame options for this wheel size.

Someone who is at least 5’7 ft tall could ride a 24-inch BMX bike with a 21.7-inch frame, at this point kids as well as adults can enjoy BMX bikes.

What are the features of a 24-inch bike?

  1. Being Lightweight. Both children and adults find it more difficult to maneuver a heavier bike since it has larger wheels and a more substantial frame. A 24-inch wheel bike is appropriate for individuals who are lighter because of frame specs.
  1. Short Handlebars. Usually, the width of the handlebars grows proportionately with the size of the bike frame. A bar length of 15-16 inches is usually included with the shortest length. The bar length on bigger bikes is 17 inches or longer.
  1. Smaller Pedals. Since pedaling needs strength, the pedals should only demand the appropriate amount of foot pressure; when it comes to 24-inch bikes, bigger pedals are not an efficient add-on.
  1. Shorter Seat Tubes. A low seat post will assist kids with shorter inseams reach the pedals easily. Adults could consider altering the seat height to improve their pedaling strength.

How To Determine if a 24-inch Bike fits you?

  • Bike Specs. You can save a lot of time browsing and looking for bikes to buy just by reading the product specifications. You may get a general idea of the size and weight it supports as well as the age range that it is most suitable with from the manufacturer or model information.
  • Height & Weight. The standard 24-inch bike height requirement is 5’4″ or under, while not everyone meets this standard. Given that their torso and feet are often longer and larger than the bike, taller individuals may find it challenging to ride on them.
  • Inseam. How the legs are slanted when seated on the seat depends on where the seat is in relation to the pedals. It could be more difficult for someone with longer legs to ride a bike with a 24-inch seat height. It’s crucial that you are seated comfortably and can reach the pedals.

Types of 24-inch Bikes available in the market today

  1. BMX Bikes. BMX bikes are the most common type of bike that both kids and adults can enjoy, most of the freestyling pros are grown men, and if they don’t have an issue with at least 20-inch wheels, then you won’t have an issue with BMX bikes that come with 24-inch wheels. 
  2. Mountain Bikes. The finest places to ride mountain bikes are on bumpy, rocky terrain like they were intended. Mountain bikes with a 24-inch frame are too large for kids and short adults, in contrast to children’s bikes. A mountain bike with a 24-inch frame is something you should think about if you weigh more than 300 pounds and have a long inseam.
  3. Hybrid Bikes. A hybrid bike strikes a balance between a road bike and a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes generally have a 24-inch bike for the biker’s height. The versatility of hybrid bikes makes them ideal for shorter individuals and kids.

Can a Female Adult use a 24-inch Bike?

In general, women are lighter and smaller than men. Compact bikes as tiny as 24 inches are suitable for women.You should be aware, nevertheless, that 24-inch wheels cannot support heavy loads. A female rider should think about moving to bigger wheels if she weighs over 250 pounds. A bicycle with a 24-inch wheel can be ridden by a lady who is around 4.5 ft, definitely taller.

Sizing charts are often easily accessible from manufacturers. For the most precise fit, a decent sizing guide will contain a reference to the inseam so you can take both wheel and frame size into account. Here we have a general chart as a point of reference.

Female HeightWheel SizeFrame SizeInseam Size
4’5 – 5’1”24 in13 – 14 in26 in
5’1” – 5’3” 24 in13 – 14 in27 in
5’3” – 5’5”24 in14 – 16 in28 in
5’5” – 5’8”24 in16 – 19 in30 in
+5’8”24 in+20 in+30 in

Frequently Asked Questions on 24-inch Bikes

Q: Is a 24-inch bike for adults?

A: Although a 24-inch bike is frequently used as a child’s bike, adults may also utilize it. You will find it simpler to maintain stability with the smaller wheels, and there is a lower chance that you will lose control of the bike, fall off, and suffer an injury. It’s also worth considering that if the seat is adjustable, and the length of the top tube, you can certainly ride bikes with 20-inch wheels. So wheel size does not end all be all.

Q: What age is a 24-inch bike best suitable for?

A: Since 24-inch bikes are suitable for children, teenagers, and ladies alike, there is no appropriate age to ride one. Men often have a distinct physical type, with wide shoulders, greater height, and slightly heavier weight. For all of this, they could find it challenging to ride a 24-inch bike. For guys that weigh between 150 to 250 lbs, a 24-inch bike will do but for any more than that, a 26-inch bike is recommended. 

Q: How much weight can a 24-inch bike hold?

A: A bike with 24-inch wheels has a large carrying capacity. 250 pounds is the upper carrying capacity limit. The design of a bike with a 24-inch wheel is better suited for lightweight riders because it cannot handle heavier riders.

Q: What is the difference between a 24-inch bike and a 26-inch bike?

A: Most obvious is the 2-inch difference in diameter. To begin with, 26-inch bikes are for adults, however children can also ride them, it’s not as arbitrary. A 26-inch bike provides greater wheel clearance than a 24-inch bike, which is really helpful if you are a tall individual. 26-inch bikes provide better grip, making them suitable for riding on muddy or wet surfaces as well as on icy roads, translation is better safety. Naturally, most mountain bikes start at 26-inch diameter wheels.

The Finish Line 

When it comes to 24-inch wheel bikes, if the wheel size is the highlight, then the bike you’re looking at, most likely is designated for kids, adult bikes that come with 24-inch wheels will highlight the top tube, and the size of the frame, as these are more relevant for your riding ability and comfort. 
The majority of bikes that come in 24-inch wheels are BMX bikes and mountain bikes. Kids between the heights of 4.2 – 4.9 ft can ride a BMX bike with 24-inch wheels as well as adults. If you are an adult that weighs over 250 lbs, or if the child is over 5 ft then a mountain bike is what we recommend.